Advice on changing my bike

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Hello All

I was wondering if someone would be able to offer some kindly advice. I have the below Cube Peloton Pro Compact 2014.

I am thinking of either changing to the Wilier (link below) or just upgrade the wheelset on the Cube.

Once back from injury i will be doing around 120 miles a week and a couple of sportives in the summer. I do love the feel of my Cube and this Wilier is the only thing I have found that beats my cube spec wise and is a reasonable price. I live near Ilkley so tackle a few hills on most rides.

I would be keen to hear peoples thoughts and opinions either way, including recommendations for the wheelset if that is the better option. I do have access to the cyclescheme with work but there is a limit of £1000 on it!!


5 Comments on “Advice on changing my bike”

  1. Ryan Pulling

    Hi Lee
    You ever rode a carbon bike before?
    the difference is quite a bit, the power that can be transferred, the stiffness, weight.
    all in all im sure you wouldnt be dissapointed if you got the willier and used the Cube as a winter bike 🙂
    Thats what i have done mate

  2. Lee

    Hi Ryan,

    No I haven’t ridden a carbon frame.

    That matches my thoughts as well.

    I have also considered since I need to improve my knowledge anyway to maybe take a year building my own steed and in the process learn how to service and maintain my main Cube. With this I will upgrade the wheelset (tempted by Zondas from LBS) and use the current fulcrum on the bike build or switch the upgraded ones onto the build and make the Cube the winter one again.

    Seen some good frames online at decent prices.

    Again any thoughts or advice would be well received.

    Sorry for posting this in Blogs by the way.


  3. Ryan Pulling

    I don’t know if you know but this site has not been running that long and i will be adding more posts to do with bikes, maintenance etc 🙂

    The Zondas are fantastic wheels for the money and i have not heard bad reviews about them.

    No worries about posting as a blog as the site is still in the works hence why the forum is not used as much atm, but over time i hope it will be.

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