Cycling in the wet

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Cycling In The Rain

Cycling in the rain sounds daunting and looking out of the window in the morning can really put you off even leaving the house, I still feel that way on a cold and rainy morning and I think I always will. Some love it and some hate it.
The moment you get yourself ready and make the move outside it will feel horrible initially, but it soon becomes pretty enjoyable to cycle in the rain, as long as you have the right gear.

1. Jacket

Some jackets are waterproof and breathable, some are waterproof and others are just shower proof. A good waterproof jacket will keep you dry and will keep you at a good temperature, I have tried plenty of jackets that are waterproof but boil in the bag (no breathability) and you end up more wet on the inside than outside which is just horrible. Personally, I ride hard and am pretty much a radiator so I can’t use the Altura Night Vision Jacket, however it did keep me dry. I currently have a Gore Bike Wear Waterproof jacket which is fully waterproof and breathable but pretty costly.
The Altura Night Vision jacket I mentioned does seem to be a very popular choice as I have seen a lot of cyclists wearing them, I sold mine told to a friend who loves it and its perfect for him in the rain, plus it has the added reflective bits on it for that extra visibility.


Mudguards are essential to keep your feet, lower back and legs dry from the spray which will come off the tyres as they roll over the wet roads. Some mudguards can rattle (and mine do) but they keep me dry, I currently use SKS Bluemels with the reflective bits on them for that extra visibility.


Overshoes can work in two ways; they can keep your feet dry and keep your feet warm. They pull on over your normal shoes and will hold there until the end of your ride. I think they are certainly worth buying as cycling with wet feet can be really cold and uncomfortable.


Gloves that I recommend buying are Sealskinz Ultra Grippy as they are waterproof but they have no padding on them.


Lights are always good to use when the weather turns nasty as they enhance your visibility. Most lights can be charged up and packed away in your saddlebag/jersey pocket and quickly fastened to your bike when the weather turns.

Once you have warmed up, cycling in the rain becomes less of a concern and you carry on your normal ride (if you have the right gear). Sometimes that I forget that it’s raining until I notice my jacket has the water beading off it but I’m still dry. I find it enjoyable and quite refreshing to cycle in the rain as you don’t overheat too much and as long as you take it steady on corners you will be ok, but don’t try to take the corners as quick as you would in the dry.

2 Comments on “Cycling in the wet”

  1. Chris Jones

    Great comments, particularly on the Altura Night Vision jacket. I bought one of those, my 1st jacket, as part of my C2W scheme. Having ridden throughout the winter on 6mi commutes as well as extended rides at weekends I find I get very sweaty even with the vents wide open. I shall be looking for a breathable jacket next winter so perhaps look at the gore bike wear jacket as an alternative.

  2. Lee

    Great little article with good tips. The rear mudguard I have is on Amazon – BBB BFD-04 Road catcher, Mudguards. It is great and it screws on and off meaning I can remove it quickly and easily if the roads are dry and it doesn’t rattle.

    I would also recommend a Buff or equivalent for the cold rainy morning to keep your face, ears and neck a little warmer.

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