Here at Cycle Advice we are a small but dedicated team running the Website and Facebook page alongside our normal daily life.
Ryan began the group back in 2015 as somewhere which allowed a light hearted look at cycling, discussion of anything vaguely bike related, or occasionally asking for actual advice without too much heavy moderation or advertising as had become a problem elsewhere. He took a step back for a while when life got in the way of his cycling but he’s back now and pushing to grow the Cycle Advice to new levels .

Luke is the youngest member of the team with enough energy to be battering strava segments on almost every ride. Often seen in his area sprinting on his bright orange Giant, or near his favourite Local Bike Shop in York. He brings that energy in to the team and is working to get us as big as possible but also running smoothly.

Matt adds a technical side to the staff. He is a full time professional bike mechanic with nearly 15 years experience , familiar with everything from tuning up someone’s budget workhorse commuter bike up to custom building bikes for 1st or elite Cat riders. He also competes in local club Time Trials over the Summer months.

Anthony is the most recent addition to the team. When our Facebook group reached a certain size it began growing exponentially and faster than the three Admin could keep up with. It was time to get some help. We all knew Anthony from the group and he seemed the right choice. As time has gone on, he hasn’t disappointed.