With winter closing in i decided it was time to pension off the oldest of my two commuting front lights. I’ve been running serfas lights for about 6 or 7 years now as they seem genuinely good value for money. They are not a cheap light, but the quality is great and the aftersales is excellent should you ever need to claim under their lifetime limited warranty. The 250 lumen light I am replacing has done me well, this would have been its 7th winter.
As with all serfas products, the power output doesnt seem to be optimistic. Comparing it to some of the Internet special “2500 lumen” lights that you get for £30 it seems around as bright. Except this one has a fully enclosed battery with integrated charging port for a micro usb cable (included in the box). This can be used from a usb socket on a pc or laptop, or from a wall charger. The wall charger is not included but almost everyone has an old phone charger plug somewhere. If not serfas can supply one.
From fully discharged my wall charger takes around 2.5-3 hrs to get it to full. This is easily shown by the indicator led on the top of the unit. Still charging, it flashes red. Charged , it glows blue.
On intermediate power, I find it has around a 7 or 8 hour burn time. This is plenty for the longest ride, or a week of commuting. I use it for 7 hrs commuting a week and charge it on a Monday while it still has a small amount of charge.
In use, the unit gives a decent spread of light across the road. Its beam pattern has a definite halo around the edges to give a wide view but the centre of the beam is very well lit. I dont think theres any need for more than this amount of light on a road bike.
It also has a number of different daylight flashing modes. In my opinion this is the only downfall of the product. Every function is at full power. This is too much for stop start traffic, which will dazzle drivers.
I will keep my old 500 lumen serfas light as a backup in case of emergency but I doubt it’ll get much use.