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Superstar Nano-X EVO Pedals


Cycling Advice have received some Superstar pedals for a product review.


Both myself and my colleague Lee have tested these pedals vigorously over the past couple of weeks since receiving them and we can both say that they are on another level compared to the pedals that came on the bike.


Technical Information


  • The pedals we received are called “Nano-x EVO” and are priced on their website for £49.99. In the box you receive 2 full sets of pins which come in 8mm and 10mm options so you can customise these to your fitting. I personally used a combination of both sets of pins. (You get plenty of spares in the box in-case you lose any!)
  • Weighing in at 440g.
  • 10 different colour options, we opted for the orange pair.
  • Stiff yet smooth bearings, these increase the durability and help keep water out of the bearings.
  • 17mm thick, concave platform.
  • 101 x 110 platform for ultimate contact at all times.


Initial thoughts

Minimal packaging, no fuss getting to the pedals. Super easy to screw the supplied pins into the pedals with the Alan key that comes in the box. Putting these onto the bike took around 5 minutes (Once I managed to get the old seized pedals off that is!)


Build quality is really good; I was initially worried as the bearings were super stiff but after a quick look inside the packaging we reveal that this is normal, as this will help increase the longevity of the pedal and increase water resistance from penetrating the bearings.

Whilst Riding


Myself and Lee both agree that these pedals fill you with confidence when riding. The way the pins hold your feet is unreal. I am a full time road cyclist and ride clipless pedals 100% of the time so when jumping on this bike I was afraid I would miss my shoes and pedals. However, the pedals kept my feet in place for the full duration of my rides. I honestly felt like I was riding clipless. Granted I was not throwing the bike over epic jumps but whilst riding on technical terrain my feet did not slip off the pedals once. For the entirety of my rides with the EVO’s I was wearing normal vans trainers so nothing fancy, throw on a pair of MTB specific shoes like the Five Tens to tone in the performance even more.


The pedals have big cut outs that mud struggles to stick to, the custom IGUS bushings self adjust to remove play in the pedals also offer a sealed cartridge bearing, keep out unwanted grime from damaging the pedals.


Below are some images of the pedals on the bike.


After a 16 mile off road ride the pedals looked as good as new (the bike not so)

Clean after a ride on the road. Great foot support.





These British made pedals are a tad weighty, but the stiffness, durability and ability to hold your feet in place more than outweigh the weight penalty.


Superstar Components have invested in top quality CNC machinery and software. £49.99 is a competitive price matching the likes of Shimano and some Nukeproof platforms. Superstar have pulled out all the stops for these pedals at this price point.



  • Many different colours available
  • Solid sealed bearings
  • £49.99 a pair
  • Mud struggles to stick



  • Anodised finish likely to scratch
  • Weight
  • Would have liked to see more different sized thru-pins (Not the end of the world though)



Would I advice purchasing if on a budget? Absolutely. You would struggle to pick up decent plastic pedals at this price point.